DTF film roll- cold peel (economy choice)

DTF PET film is a transfer film onto fabric, like Tshirt, bags, towel, shoes, especially for cotton Tshirt.

  • Description


Size: 30cm/60cm*100m
Thickness: 75μ
Core: 3inch/2inch

Printing instructions:

  1. hot or cold peeling
  2. temperature :150-160℃, Time: 8-10s
  3. wait 5 seconds min before peeling
  4. matte side is the printing side


  • Size: 30cm/60cm*100m
  • Both sides matte coating
  • Smooth and clean surface
  • 90μm thickness
  • Applicable ink: pigment ink
  • Scratch resistant, non-fading, washable
  • 3inch/2inch core
  • Non-slip, no oil, no sticking, no static, uniform coating, easy to peel