High quality DTF power shaker machine

I3200 print heads/ 60cm width

Applicable for Nylon, Chemical Fiber, Cotton, Leather, Swimwear, Wetsuit, PVC, EVA, etc.

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What is DTF ?


DTF (Direct to film)is a new technology in transfer filed. It can print your design onto a DTF film, and make adhesive powder onto the printed film, then make heat press.

You just need transfer film, ink, hot melt powder, heat press machine. No other special equipment required, very simple!

DTF advantages:

  1. Be suitable for various fabrics

Cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, and light and dark fabrics. Also luggage, shoes and even glass, wood and metal!

  1. No need to treated compared to DTG
  2. Save white color ink. DTF ask for 40% white ink, but DTG will need 200%.
  3. Durability, washable, no crack, no peel off
  4. You can place your designs on anysurfaces if it can be heated. You can even sell the printed transfer directly.
  5. Small quantity is easy to produce. You can print any design as you need.